Hercule (mr orange) of Glittersand

Dam: Anaktoron Dafne Sapphire
Sire: WD.CH. R- Cashmir de Ramazan (A)

Color: brown
Drawing: spotted 

Fiv/Felv: N/N
Pk-Def: N/N
Pra-b: N/N
HCM: Normal

It was a May afternoon when a small Bengal head emerged from behind a corner in a mountain house. I remained still he remained still. A few minutes later with two leaps this little Bengal cat threw himself on the sofa in a more comfortable and elevated position. Then I decided to try to caress him and he, unexpectedly, immediately began to give me basins on the hand.
His eyes were still the color of the puppies, far from the bright and shiny emeralds they are today.
It was love at first sight !!!!
I had no doubt about the choice but I had reserved some exceptions, but I forgot them in the precise moment when I saw my love.
Then he had 4 months, time has passed, he has changed a lot, has grown and matured becoming the beautiful cat that is today !!!
Every second in his company is a golden second and when he decides to play then he must play, independently of anything else.

His coat is brown spotted, his physical structure is remarkable, he is the son of a Bengal champion of the way and in general I would say he likes movement, running, jumping.

He has a puppy temperament, understands little of the situations, likes to do what he wants and if he thinks there is a potential dangerous situation, he is the first to cut the rope and the last to reappear.

I love him very much !!!