Chi siamo

My cattery and all my cats, both kittens and adults, are registered with TICA and are full pedigree Bengals. 
My priorities when breeding Bengal cats are health,temperament and the highest quality standards.


All my Bengal cats undergo strict health checks - I run blood tests to rule out the main genetic and infectious diseases and they have a heart check-up (HCM) every year. These precautionary check-ups are essential to ensure the kitten is in good health.

I am pleased to say that all my cats have been tested and are free from the following diseases:


In addition they are given plenty of toys, scratching posts and cat wheels to play with, which keeps them active and playful.  No expenses are spared when it comes to their health! 


The kitten’s interaction with humans begins in the very first days of its life and marks the cat’s temperament as an adult. 
That’s why the kitten’s first months with the breeder play a vital part in its future well-being. For the kitten to become a sociable, friendly and affectionate cat, it’s important to accustom him/her to physical contact with different human beings. The more the kitten is exposed to different people and sounds during the first months of its life, the more sociable it will become.  At Wild King, the kittens grow up in the heart of my living room, they are petted and cuddled all day long. They’re all treated like princes and princesses! The kittens are ready to leave their first home for their forever home when they are about 16-18 weeks old, to ensure that they are in good health and friendly, and that their immune system is strong.   During these first weeks the kittens are also litter-trained.  


My Bengals are carefully selected and come from catteries that possess what I believe to be the most beautiful genetic lines across the world. They come from Canada, Europe and South America. Every single detail matters: the colour, the pattern, the wild air, the profile, the eyes, the head, the body, the legs, the tail and the pedigree. I am particularly fond of rare and unusual colours because I believe they give these cats a wilder and more romantic appearance. 

Prices and colorings

The colors of the cloaks of my Bengal puppies can be:

Brown spotted tabby, spotted brown coat, soft and shiny. Eyes are green or amber (EMS code: BEN n 24). It is the Bengal in its most characteristic coloration, a true flat leopard. Its wild and springy look will make you live unique moments!

Seal spotted lynx point, snow-colored coat with very light rosettes. The eyes are blue (EMS code: BEN n 24 33). It is very reminiscent of the snow leopard cat, has a soft fur and shades ranging from white to gold. It's incredible.

Black silver spotted tabby, silver coat with black rosettes. The eyes are amber.

Seal spotted mink point, mink-colored cape with light brown rosettes. The eyes are blue or amber (EMS code: BEN n 24 32). The fur of this Bengal love is very delicate, particular and diffused especially in North America.

Black spotted tabby, black coat with black rosettes. The eyes are amber (EMS code: BEN n 24). Black Bengal is fantastic, a wonderful jungle panther.

The price of all my Bengal puppies includes:

Health booklet / passport
TICA property pass
Pedegree to 3 Generations TICA
1 year warranty 
72 Hour Guarantee for Viral Diseases
After-sales service for the life of your new family: questions, suggestions ...
Starter Kit

Delivery across the world

I ship my Bengal puppies all over the world, I take care of all the needs and bureaucratic procedures of each country (passport, certificate of good international health, other documents). I provide a luxury cage that guarantees comfort and everything you need to make your Bengal puppy's journey safe, comfortable and quiet. The shipping costs are borne by the buyer.

Thanks for the trust !!